Friday, August 19, 2011

Fab Faves

Okay so, I figured I would blog about some of my all time favorite things so that everyone can get to know me a little better. :)

My favorite app for my HTC EVO would have to be...

TWI (Texting While Intoxicated)

When I am just sitting here with nothing to do, I read TWI and it always makes me laugh! Some of the things on there are completely stupid and not worth reading and then others are hilarious! In case you have never heard of this app, let me explain.. People send in drunk text messages or picture mail that they find in their phones or people send to them. Ever having a bad day? get this app! :)

My favorite quote..

I absolutely love this quote because it is soo true.  I have part of it tattooed on the lower right side of my back. (My right love handle, if you will) ;)

My favorite hobby..

collecting shot glasses. This past Christmas my sister got me this really cool set of them that had my favorite celebrity of all time on them.  Which leads me to my next fav..

Favorite celeb...

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe
I probably have 20 pictures of her and 30 different random things with her on them..I know it's a bit much but in my opinion, she is very inspiring. lol

My favorite color..

:) Pink

and I'll close with my favorite person in the whole world (other than family and friends of course, they already know they're my faves!)....

Tori, my girlfriend. She's definitely a big part of it all!

What are some of your favorite things? Can't wait to hear!


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Amber said...

Ooooh hey girl hey. Nice love handle ;)