Monday, August 15, 2011

In Tyler for the weekend!

So yesterday was my girlfriend Tori's birthday.  She is from Tyler, Tx so she wanted to go out there for the weekend and hang out with her friends and old roommates.  We headed out Friday afternoon and when we got there some of her friends couldn't make it out with us, but we still had a lot of fun!

We went to a club called Decisions that night with some friends and danced and had a good time.  And of course after a long night of that much fun we had to go eat at like 4 in the morning :)

Saturday we got up and went to her friend's wedding reception which was pretty cool. Very pretty too! They were so happy and so in love!

Me and Tori at the reception

So saturday night we were supposed to go out again for her birthday to a bar called Outlaws.  But, still recovering from the night before, we decided to stay in and watch movies.  If you want to see a really good funny movie you should see

Hall Pass :)

Definitely worth watching!  We woke up Sunday morning and went to this AMAZING frozen custard shop called Andy's and almost made ourselves sick, haha!

I did have a lot of fun but I can say that I am very happy to be back.  Hallie Jo missed us so much.  My dad said that she was moping around the whole time we were gone. :( poor baby!

Miss Hallie <3

It's always nice to get away from your everyday life for a few days every once in a while, so I did enjoy it! But, like I said before, I can't stay away too long.  I am so glad to be back! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend as well!


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I love dat bebe Mahalla!